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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 22:35

Cars Takla Scored:4 injured

Cars Takla Scored:4 injured
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4 people in the car accident that occurred as a result of the overturning in Bilecik were injured.

Bilecik news: According to
information obtained , Istanbul-Osmaneli highway 3rd in kilometers disabled Ansar Yilmaz (27 ) uses the 54 DU 350 plate car, the Osmaneli the direction of the driving while on Gulumbe ramp rolled over after drifting alamayarak cornering . Crash driver Ansar Yilmaz, Turan Sarıkös to ( 26 ), Levent İkkiz (25), Omar Faruk First (24 ) were injured. 2 people in the car stuck in the car by the driver of the vehicle was removed from the environment .
Wounded were taken to the Bilecik State Hospital with 112 emergency ambulance from the scene. Outpatient treatment by the other injuries were reported to be in good condition Yilmaz discharged. The police and the gendarmerie has launched an investigation into the accident .
On the other hand came to the event Bilecik Deputy Police Chief Hussein Ormancıoğl is taking the necessary information from the gendarmerie and the police left the scene .

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