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  • 11 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 10:07

Campers enjoy retirement in

Campers enjoy retirement in
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56-year-old retired in Antalya Nasimi Kaplan, 10 years living in a caravan continues.

Antalya news: 56-year-old retired in Antalya Nasimi Kaplan, 10 years living in a caravan continues. Kaplan, 900 pounds with salary slap on holiday, he said.
Father of 2 children in Antalya retired workers Nasimi Tigers for 10 years, lives in a caravan of 10 square meters. Caravan park on the shore of the world famous Konyaaltı Kaplan, the majority of time is spent at the seaside. Tigers swim an hour a day floating in summer and winter, water from the sun greets the electricity from nature. Kaplan 900 pounds pension with 10 years on holiday.
Nasimi Kaplan, many people's pensions in the dreamed, but very few people dare the caravans to meet,"Ankara coffee shop I ran. In 2004 with my wife broke up and get my jacket home I left. an old van had. came to Antalya decided. Antalya nearly a year in the van lived. A then never looked back. then a two did the job caravan bought and my life began. 10 square thing, lavishly doing sports. every Days am in the sea. window open up, facing the sea and breakfast'm doing. then do sports with the sea I meet. unmitigated holidays and life'm driving,"he told us.
Caravans life everyone's envy despite the difficult life noted that the Tigers"In fact, hardly anyone can do nothing. This caravan is my home was. too big but me more than enough is enough. Inside my needs met can have everything. my power caravan on the energy panel through from the sun would get. my water around where the spring waters from the mountains, filling up,"he said.
caravan life of freedom, independence, reflection, indicating that the tiger,"times in a caravan in living. Now picking me up in an apartment located scoop can not live. me muggy and boring income. I do not have the luxury life in the trailer. Approximately 900 pounds along with pension,"he said.

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