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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:31

Çalık ,'Kopani with the Solidarity Tent Visits

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AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Çalık sweetly , \"Kobani'yi the persecuted , the Kurds are our brothers and sisters living in hardship locations over our heads ,\"he said .

Malatya news: Photo Paşaköşk the neighborhood of Democracy and Labor Platform created by the sharp'Solidarity with Kopani visiting the tent Caliskan, we chatted for a while from Malatya Kobani'yi Sabiha Abdon . Photo from Malatya information about the area Kobanili Caliskan, the Republic of Turkey for Kobanili and did what he said he would continue to do after that. From Kobani'yi , while newcomer Sabiha Avdon Malatya , \"we would not all of us were not Turks. God bless of you ,\"he said . In a statement to reporters after a Photo Views AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Çalık sweetly , \"Malatya we visited our the guests from Kobani'yi . we met with our guests from Syria in the created Kopani tent. Malatya we have currently 10 thousand container city. There's Arabs and Turkmen . Kobani'yi the persecuted , trouble living all Kurdish our brothers also have places on our heads , \"he said . to remain in a more healthy environment of citizens from Photo Kobani'yi that they would have the necessary negotiations Caliskan, \"Syrian brothers from Kobani'yi are sitting in different parts of the city. the house our resident running by now . But we needed interviews whether we want more healthy places Let's create . we have also discussed this respect where our Syrian brothers . we will welcome you as guests I hope also our Kobanil brother in Malatya , \"he said .
\"Malatia \" 2 thousand 500 KOBANİL YES \"Photo in Malatya , noted that the 2 thousand 500 people from Kobani'yi Caliskan, \"Registration under 450 families are known to be in Malatya. About 2 thousand 500 around we have a guest . Such as the services we provide in Beydağı Container City , the whole Kurdish brothers and sisters were always together both health and education services have given the government the support both subsistence , then we will continue to do so. In the visit to the Photo Caliskan, Malatya Deputy Governor Latif Memiş, AK Party Malatya and Malatya Speaker Bulent tüfenkçileri Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General was accompanied by Ertan Mumcu.

Çalık ,'Kopani with the Solidarity Tent Visits" comments for.


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