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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:12

Cakir, made ​​observations in Yazihan County

Cakir, made ​​observations in Yazihan County
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Mayor Ahmet Cakir, visit the Yazihan County , found the study .

Malatya news:
Study trip to the Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Cakir , as well as Yazihan Mayor Nevzat Ozturk, Yazihan joined some apartment managers with City Council members . indicating a Photo Mayor Ahmet Cakir frequently visited districts the Yazihan Mayor Nevzat Ozturk, due to the close attention paid to the district president thanked Cakir .
County MN giving information about road work being done across the Ozturk, \"Our path to stabilize the town center , and covered with stone lock with the support of the Municipality . at currently work is in progress in our school way. we have some neighborhoods that lack infrastructure and sewerage. keystone tile work after the completion of deficiencies around here to be in our neighborhood. I hope in the near future Municipality will increase the number of our this way we lay the keystone with the support of the President , \"he said . < br/> yazihai in stating the streets and work on the streets breeding Mayor Ahmet Cakir, the standards of districts emphasized the importance of the rise , \"street and priority for completion of the infrastructure of the street and then made ​​the superstructure arrangement must be the creation of a healthy and clean the center. A coordinated manner with the Metropolitan district status , we are planning the annual and five-year study . We our work under this plan continues quickly . Metropolitan Municipality as service quality and service quantity is our basic goal of increasing , \"he said .
Mayor Ahmet Cakir after visiting Yazihan , through the Fethiye neighborhood with a delegation organized by the Muharram marking bite and joined the Ashura program. President Cakir greeting his here in his speech, congratulated the citizens Muharram , thanked for the program.


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