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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 31 Ocak 2014, Cuma 12:47

Bulent Arinc:"11 Year've had three thousand five hundred Author Restore"

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Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the completion of the restoration of the mosque in Üsküdar Mihrimah inaugurated.

 Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, the completion of the restoration of the mosque in Üsküdar Mihrimah inaugurated. Arinc, 11 years, 3 thousand 500 works were restored, he said.
about 8 million pounds by the General Directorate of Foundations 2 years restored Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Üsküdar, a ceremony was re-opened for worship. Mosque opening of the Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, Foundations General Director Adnan Ertem, Istanbul Mufti Prof. Dr.. Rahmi wound and a large number of people attended. Friday prayers held prior Speaking at the ceremony, Arinc,"This mosque two minarets, six dome aesthetics and elegance is a masterpiece. Just not in Istanbul, Istanbul, describing the Ottoman describing all the works also as a reference indicated a precious worship our headquarters,"he said .
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque past, some repairs have spent Arinc,"But based restoration since 2001, approximately two years period has been completed. So far, our mosque almost 8 million costs have made. Halal pleasant, whether it was very nice. our ancestors entrusted to us as the left so far of millions prostrate as the imam, with the muezzin, with congregation, everyone's mercy will be mentioned in this beautiful mosque will destroy us from being restored, have to be very happy. 500 years since the standing of this work again to all mankind, Muslims service, worship as the center to prepare God has bestowed,"he said.
Arinc, General Directorate of Foundations thousands foundation entrusted with trying to leave, stating Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is located near the Valide-i-Jadid Mosque in the restoration began, he said. Atik Valide Mosque complex had visited before landing at a cost of close to 100 trillion would be restored to the register Bulent Arinc, there Fatih Sultan University's faculty and prepare for college, he said. Arinc,"Blessed is there faculty members, students will serve as the people. Really science there shall be collected, taught there,"he said.
" 11 SHARES 3 thousand 500 WORK TO RESTORE'VE "
since 2002, 11 years, 3 thousand 500 works restored noted that Arinc, said:
"This day until 3 quadrillion costs have made more than 70 thousand people work in the area provided employment. Only date, only foundation of debt to fulfill our've Turkey's economy is also very important services have made.'s Day came to Sulaimaniyah 40 trillion over the costs've arrived the day elsewhere none warding have. because all of them are entrusted and foundations also of a civilization is the name. Our illustrious our civilization foundations civilization also the name carries. Creature, all of the services and charity established in order so the foundations are, the Muslim's belief in what place that keeps today proudly see, and their center is Istanbul. Foundations to keep them, develop is our duty. past bought and sold, destroyed, neglected place today many things that we saw the foundations also are going with. them again for photos even when looking at zoning and will revive the situation. If we work we do from our nation appreciation and thanks Whatever we see, but the real purpose of God's consent won the Maksam hope in this way to serve We will continue."
speech at the ceremony, accompanied by the opening of the mosque after the prayer was held. Then Arinc and retinue, entered the mosque to perform the Friday Prayer.

Bulent Arinc:"11 Year've had three thousand five hundred Author Restore"" comments for.


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