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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:33

Bill Gates , according to a 7-year Mansions Made Charms

Bill Gates , according to a 7-year Mansions Made Charms
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The United States , the richest man Bill Gates , founder of Microsoft , through the eyes of the mansion , which was built 7 years and cost $ 63 million collected dazzle .

Washıngton news: Photo paying an average of $ 1 million housing estate tax each year, Bill Gates'house in the process of construction of the 300 workers worked . Gates , the home of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane movie Xanadu gave the fictional home of the characters designate the 2.0 name . 6 thousand 100 square meters are installed in areas with many technological system that also accommodates huge house dazzles. Gates'house is located in the high-tech sensors, temperature and lighting levels according to their choice of guests is determined . Temperature of the room they were in the house when he changed the location of the guest level is automatically adjusted according to the guests. This huge home is another feature can be changed by pressing a key on the walls of the drawing . Images drawn on the computer screen , which can vary Gates'house with one touch . Another technological feature in Gates'home on sound systems. A sound system under the existing pool of Gates'house and people can hear the music coming out of the pool so that when the face. The home of Gates Photo has the capacity to host up to 200 guests. Dinner for 150 , 200 people cocktail-house if the house has a kitchen with a 6-well capacity to host . A huge library of manuscripts which also contained host Gates possible , to create this library did not spend more than 30 million . The house also has a garage with 23 one vehicle large enough to accommodate at the same time Gates'house is watched 24 hours a day electronically .

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