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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:58

Believe Kadir Tahir Thompson shook hands for Öztan'l Art

Believe Kadir Tahir Thompson shook hands for Öztan'l Art
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Kadir famous actress of Turkish cinema Believe , International Zeugma Film Festival came to assist on the Silk Road in Gaziantep largest caravan palace property of Tahir Thompson Öztan by after being restored are hosted in Sultan apartment in Şirehan Opened as a hotel.

Gaziantep news: Photo Festival promotion Şirehan and Tahir meeting Thompson Öztan a tribute to famed actor Kadir Believe years ago they could not find historic buildings that can shoot in Gaziantep they came to film , and they found that by expressing wrecks , then, \"date as today Şireh the restored structure was introduced to our Gaziantep and country. all investments achieve this dear friend in Istanbul Date Thompson Öztan . I congratulate him wholeheartedly . Just not only restored in such a historic structure, but also for dissemination in this area of gastronomy tourism shows great efforts. Zeugma of great importance to the world of cinema Film Festival also took place between the supporters . it will remove such historical buildings city of cultural identity at the forefront of cultural activities also allows them to be the most important center. do not offend the soul, the data support this life . Today is opening to everyone at the door. this beautiful work as well as the arts center and the world's most famous painters of the opening of the exhibitions here , I want our artists to host our exhibition . Date Şireh born with this beautiful world has an unprecedented structure . This should be evaluated carefully. Dear dude with a big investment have made it appropriate to re-function. Next you will have the support of Gaziantep . The inn and the structure to be supported to live like that. Dear friend Tahir Thompson celebrates the heart of Öztan , two same inn , I thank him for that they give to the next generation by moving restored , \"he said . Photo Şirehan offering to serve as a hotel by moving restored Tahir great honor to welcome a name like one of Öztan Kadir Believe stating that they were taken to a new pen two volumes Gourmet was a gift by signing his book city of Gaziantep Cuisine. in his assessment Öztan expressed will continue to serve in Gaziantep, \"I thank Mr. Kadir İnanır for coming to our festival by us break . If such festivals how our city is known for so much more done . We know the whole city here as Gaziantep , it is thought that the whole world know . However, there is no such thing . Only we know . Festivals ; only film festival , festival, Sire , not much to do in this city has a lot of festivals . It is a city that God has given us . Tourism, there are industrial , historical . However, the between . All a separate matter , a city separately diamonds. Together, we need to process it . We all have a job , \"he said . Will give every support necessary for
actor Kadir Believe Şireh and other structures were added.


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