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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:27

BCCI Chairman Burkay'ın:

BCCI Chairman Burkay'ın:
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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( BCCI) Chairman Ibrahim Burkay , the implementation of structural reforms to ensure faster growth with persistent decline in the current account deficit , he said utmost importance.

Bursa news: Photo Burkay'ın September, assessed the current account deficit data. Indicating that occurs below expectations with $ 2.2 billion current account deficit in the month in question Burkay'ın , in September last year with $ 3.3 billion deficit , he noted reduced by half . Current account voicing due to the decline in imports to a large extent , the decline in the deficit Burkay'ın , in addition to the slowdown in the economy , he said becoming effective on the decline in oil prices.
January-September period of current account deficit President Burkay'ın pointing amounted to 30.86 billion dollars, \"so that the current open , 45 billion dollars and will take place under the annual target . the current account deficit to GDP ratio will be closer to 5 percent, \"he said. Photo economic and financial stability Burkay'ın indicating that pleasing the decline in the current account deficit , said:Photo \"the current account deficit this decline reduces the pressure of the depreciation of the Turkish Lira. However, the current account deficit of the government to provide permanent decline with more rapid growth the implementation of structural reforms begin to explain is of paramount importance . \"

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