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  • 09 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 10:11

Basaran Tofaş CEO:Thank you Turkey's economy, broke the sales record

Basaran Tofaş CEO:Thank you Turkey's economy, broke the sales record
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Turkish Automobile Factory Inc. (TOFAŞ) chief executive officer (CEO) Kamil Basaran, announced in 2011 they got a record car sales this year.

decline in sales of light commercial vehicles based on various reasons indicating

Basaran, except those vehicles engine and nativism şanjıman to 75 percent, while in general, had removed the 65 per cent level, he said.

TOFAŞ Tofaş CEO basketball team participating in the new season's opening night ' water Kamil Basaran, answered the questions of journalists on the agenda of the economy. The economy praised Turkey Basaran, said :"B trail always done what we say, so we would like to thank Turkey's economy because the record car sales in 2011, car sales have gone beyond. The other hand, a very slight decrease in commercial vehicles there. Looking at the decline in exports, Turkey's foreign trade deficit, imports 80 percent of the economy is really not used to pass so I would like to underline that the potential is very important. said in 2012 that"We, in 2013, in 2012 we will. 'We The targets set under the 2012 sales figures for passenger cars passed."

TOFAŞ light commercial vehicles market did not decline, scrap come up today to fight head to head or be under anyone advocating duce Kamil Basaran, light commercial vehicles, in terms of foreign trade deficit expressed gained great importance. Basaran,"A very important point is that, I wonder what is so heavy response of the economy to imports, the trade deficit of the country under the scope of what you're going straight to the point, I need to see what's good for steps to be taken. We say that a very important subject of light commercial vehicles in the country issue. investment in the country is very important. Today, when you look at local content have made very significant progress. imported light commercial vehicles in the R & D left. Tofaş we ourselves are doing all the R & Ge'mizi. Both Doblo Doblo, American exports to Beijing, as well as and then we get into all the projects as well as we, Bursa, Turkey formed the technical staff, infrastructure, adverse industry that will create together. few obstacles in front of the light commercial vehicle market, easing a little more, a little further up the road opening will contribute to the economy of the country."she said.

certificate and driver's license restrictions for light commercial vehicles, K2 will gain a little more momentum in the sector emphasizes the alleviation Kamil Basaran said:"B trail, we believe that in the coming period, constructive steps are taken in this regard in the country We believe that a very significant contribution to the economy of bulunacağımıza. light commercial vehicle market to be re-created on the arrival of the automobile sector, then the market is growing. was this potential in the light commercial vehicle, that would be progress in the right part of the city we can see if the 2023 targets. TOFAŞ, 2011yılı figures, is closer to the record years. TOFAŞ, in case the budget to perform. these figures, we got better sales figures for 2012 onwards have to have. market economy in 2014 I hope that carries us beyond the past years."

65 percent of nativism RATE

than 75 percent of the light commercial vehicle engine and transmission, nativism rate of 65 percent is generally caught telling TOFAŞ CEO water Kamil Basaran, nativism that examination firms in countries all over the world in the automotive sector will emerge that is quite a good figure, he said. Basaran, 80 percent of the country's imports coming from passenger cars and light commercial vehicle in case of re-consideration should be taken into consideration when it comes to market, the country's commercial and economic sense on how to create positive values ​​should be emphasized that account.

Basaran said:"I When you look at thalata 80 percent of imports from an environment where it can represent hundreds of thousands. Important issue here is, do production in the country. Infrastructure of this country, factors that create added value with a competitive advantage. you make here will express all kinds of domestic production value to the national economy. therefore need to look at the mission beyond the numbers. 2023 on the road, if you are to exports 4 million vehicles üreteceksek and its 3 million here, beyond the numbers gaining importance in the steps we take to the road. So here is how much you are developing here is one of the symbols of light commercial vehicles, they look at ways to maximize."

will observe MARKET RULES

Kamil Succeeding end of the year 'zero' campaigns for cars evaluated. The only rule is that the rules apply to them explaining the market Basaran said:"P by little, you have to comply with it omits how much competition in Anadyr. Competition to customer service. Campaigns to our customers, of course, as long as these continue We are providing more favorable conditions the vehicle. course, ultimately it is justified under the scope of the competition period will create added value. So far, we've done it, then we will continue to do so. TOFAŞ end of the year in terms of the competition was always, since its creation was . TOFAŞ been serving customers for half a century, the end of the year will serve customers in the same way."

TO BE scrap incentives, sooner or later
stating that Turkey, an old car park Basaran grant application must be implemented scrap car, he said. Underlines the economic growth objective whether scrap incentive Toas CEO Basaran water in the country, has announced that the car park is very aged. This is one of the main factors underlying the renewal of the car park a negative impact on the environment, the latter indicating that the traffic conditions Basaran accident rates are going up,"The third factor is the added value to the economy. Such Looking towards the opinion that the renewal of vehicles. Believe that this would be the right strategy. The crisis in Europe in the coming period due to the crisis in exports to Europe so we have a team of local producers, especially bottlenecks that TOFAŞ very good condition it has exceeded the rate of export outside of Europe is very important fished out. issue is important here is the environment, traffic, respect beyond that, we have considered as a contribution to the country's economy., or beyond it to be within the scope of the interviews, we too will not change in 2014.companies are not our daily lives. breathe every moment of the country's economy. Important topics are covered in the next period, dear government decision to scrap incentives if elders or later, I think I have to be."said.

Basaran Tofaş CEO:Thank you Turkey's economy, broke the sales record" comments for.


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