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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:34

Attention was drawn to the Organ Donor Friday sermon in Edirne

Attention was drawn to the Organ Donor Friday sermon in Edirne
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Edirne has drawn attention to organ donation in the Friday prayer sermon .

Edirne news: Photo at Friday prayers in the mosque in Edirne 3 to 9 November Organ Donation and Transplant Week was the subject of the sermon . Friday sermon , he described the importance of drawing attention congregation organ donation organ donation.
The sermon , as it is a task for everyone's life and health protection , live and emphasized that a responsibility to live , \"our religion emphasizing that it is inviolable and sacred of human life ,'Who If killing a man wrongfully , he has killed all mankind \"by command , while guaranteeing the people's lives ,'Who says it , if you lived through to save his life would be like had lived all people. \"God reveals the survival of human beings how much attention a sacred duty has suffered . in this context, the protection of the maintenance and health of human life , can not be underestimated the importance of organ transplantation. Turkey according to the Ministry of Health in 2014 data , 21 thousand 629 kidney, 506 patients with heart , 2 thousand 134 people liver , 3 thousand 798 people, including corneal approximately 28 thousand 500 people waiting for transplants , our country dialysis for 58 thousand people. not at this figure , which can not be underestimated , it is thought also to experience live up to ensure that we are Muslims , organ transplantation reveals that we need to be more sensitive and conscious in the matter. Minister ,'Organ donation is the largest charity cordially friendly outgoing saying'drew attention to this issue and has invited people to donate organs . Religious Affairs Supreme Council , on 26/05/2011 judgment , necessity becomes the present , so to save the patient's life or vital a limb , whether or not further relief , a trusted the professional competence and integrity to be detected by physicians, the disease can be treated in this way physician's suspicion-I finding the winner , the person who received the organ or tissue , is deceased at the time during which the transaction , the health of the people to be organ or tissue while alive or have allowed it a period of not unlike a statement , ensuring the consent of the relatives , it should not be charged for an organ or tissue to be donated , conditions has ruled that it is permissible in accordance transplant \"expressions were recorded.


Attention was drawn to the Organ Donor Friday sermon in Edirne" comments for.


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