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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:16

Alcohol and excessive speed Becomes Latest

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4 people who died in a traffic accident that occurred in Mersin , were sent off to the last journey of tears .

Mersin news: Tool that uses Berat Sharp excessive alcohol appeared to be in an accident. According to
information obtained, last night Berat Sharp (18 ) led the 33 CAN 20 plate car, central Taurus Boulevard district Akbelen , direction while cruising the city , Taurus Market alamayarak bend near the parked roadside 33 BSL 15 plate truck slammed into the rear. In the accident, the driver inside the car returning to scrap Berat Sharp Serdar Şiar shortening (18) and Aykut Akbas (18) at the scene , Ümit Özen ( 16 ) is learned to have died at the Mersin State Hospital removed the wounded. The accident seriously injured in Cindy Yücel (16) with Ziyaad you fishing (18 ) were being separately treated in Mersin State Hospital and Taurus to the hospital. Once at the hospital they
Removed autopsies performed 4 children today were sent off on our recent trip to the cemetery Güneykent . Separately from the children brought to the grave , Ümit Özen burst into tears at the funeral of relatives and school friends . Mersin Chamber of Commerce Vocational High School 11th grade students who hope Özen , his father died 2 years ago appeared . Driver Sharp Berat was buried immediately after the funeral of Hope Ozen's funeral. Sharp's relatives in tears did not dominate the land given to tears . Photo Investigations Berat driver's car appeared to be quickly used and excessive alcohol .

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