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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:34

\"Adana speak the Future\"

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Adana, business and professional women associations formed by the Business and Professional will meet with women Güçbirliği Platform business world of successful people the member \"Adana speak the Future\"business in the first ring of panels chain man will welcome Murat foreman of .

Adana news: Photo Adana Business and Professional Women Güçbirliği Platform of Turkey to be one of the world's leading economies to contribute in Adana women and women's business growth and employment in the world that aims to make efforts to increase the number of women Av. Elif Dogan Turkmen Ayça Katlav Architect , Accountant Birsen Ucar, Av. Feriha Özşahin and Azaleas consists of National Ulular is chaired by women's associations .
To form an alliance to put the contribution to the economy through the synergy creates the platform constituted by the Island stating that they start their social responsibility activities Business and Professional Women Güçbirliği Platform Term spokesman Av. Elif Dogan Turkmen \"Adana profession and work with people in the'business world'success stories, corporate governance, sustainability and wish I Electrical Appliances to talk the future of planning in San . Ve Tic. A.Ş. . Chairman of our members by guest Murat foreman of and will meet with the Adana protocol. Mr. foreman facilitate us the lives of consumers with award-winning design products to'the Family Business institutionalization to'theme will present the life of the sections. November 12, 2014 Wednesday to the island at 15.00 Chamber of Commerce expect all of Adana on our panel will be held at the Conference Hall , \"he said .

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